Our Technologies - Conductive inkjet printing and photolithograpy


CIT Technology has technology development at the heart of everything that it does. The very heart of this is the development of the patented Print and Plate technologies use in the production lines today. This unique offering of additive copper flex enables applications that include sensors, antennas, LED circuits and arrays through to fine line printing and touch screen materials.

CIT prints copper circuits by two methods depending on the end application:

  • Conductive inkjet printing
  • Photolithography

Both print processes use the same underlying two stage additive process of printing and plating. Both processes immerse exposed or printed substrate in an electroless plating bath where solid copper film is grown by autocatalytic deposition.

Conductive inkjet printing is ideal for designs with coarser feature sizes down to about 220 µm, the photolithographic process can be used for featured of less than 5 µm.

Digitally printed copper flexible circuits coming off the printer